Expert US Based Support Services Since 2015.

Founded in 2015, long before the digital whirlwind swept the world, a dedicated team envisioned a call center rooted in genuine human connection. Our unwavering commitment to customer service excellence has stood the test of time, remaining a beacon of quality in a world of automated interactions.

The Sansom Consulting Story.

Imagine a time before the constant hum of social media, the endless pings of notifications, and the digital deluge that now surrounds us. Back in 2015, amidst this simpler landscape, a seed of an idea took root: Sansom Consulting. It wasn’t just another business; it was a vision, a belief in the enduring power of human connection, even in the face of an increasingly tech-driven world.

Empowering every company with the unwavering support they need to thrive.

We believe that exceptional support services aren’t just an add-on, they’re the lifeline that fuels a company’s journey to success. We see ourselves as the invisible gardeners, diligently nurturing the ground beneath each organization, ensuring they have the resources and guidance to reach their full potential. Whether it’s navigating complex challenges or simply optimizing daily operations, we’re here to empower every step of the way.


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